Is Your Contractor Marketing Strategy Broken?

Our Solution Helps qualified, licensed contractors like you grow Your business. Faster.

Contractor Marketing tactics That work

Simple Step-By-Step Process to Build Your Digital Marketing Foundation

As business owners, we’re bombarded daily with never-ending, lackluster sales pitches. Marketing agencies promise to let you in on the little-known secrets from insiders that guarantee contractor marketing success. The reality is that there are no big secrets. When it comes to digital marketing plans for local contractors, planning is everything. At first, we stick to the basics of advertising for contractors

Our revolutionary contractor marketing plans take a minimalist approach that jump-start your online marketing. Together, we put the focus on building long-relationships instead of profits. 

Take the time to understand how to market your small local business online

Our Contractor Marketing Services

Google My Business is an essential part of your contractor marketing strategy

Google My Business

Let our contractor marketing experts help you get your business listed on Google. Google is the modern day phone book, and it's essential customers can find you here. Already have a Google My Business profile for your residential services company? We will ensure you stand out with an updated, optimized profile.

Custom contractor marketing plans that help you connect with residential homeowners in your community

Full-Service Marketing

PDM offers a full range of digital marketing services to help you connect with local homeowners. We specialize in helping qualified, honest contractors earn the trust of homeowners in your communities. Our services include website design, review management, online advertising, social media management, branding and more.

Who We Are

We started PDM in 2017 when we noticed that residential contractors had a communication problem. As local marketing shifted from print to digital, residential contractors like you were left in the dust. Digital marketing offers you a remarkable opportunity to connect with your local community. It also offers honest, quality contractors like you a chance to stand out from the competition. Our specialty is crafting custom marketing plans for local contractors that share our values.

How Is Our Strategy Different From Other Marketers?

We Never Stop Working for You!

In the past, you might’ve had some bad experiences working with so called marketing experts. We recognized the problems contractors like you face, and know how to come up with a custom approach just for you. Our goal isn’t to confuse you. Instead, it’s to empower you by helping you understand your marketing plan

  • Plan & research before we start
  • Fully customized contractor marketing plans unique to you
  • We start by ensuring the basic marketing fundamentals are strong
  • Easy to follow step-by-step approach in plain language
  • Real experience working for contractors
  • You are never required to sign a long-term contract

We Want You To Hold Us Accountable

Weekly Reports & Analytics to Help You Judge Our Performance

When you work with PDM, you’re never required to sign a contract. We believe in holdings ourselves accountable. Our contractor marketing specialists are your partner in the success of your business. Each week, you’ll receive reports and analytics about our performance. We start with simple reports at first. It’s essential we don’t deter you with too much information. Our goal is for all of our contractor clients to have a basic understanding of digital marketing to achieve the best results possible.

  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Where customers find you
  • Demographic of your audience
  • What people search to find you
  • Your online presence
  • Health of your website

Building a Digital Marketing Foundation for Success

Our Proven Step-By-Step Strategy to Get Started

Building a strong digital marketing plan is a lot like building a house. The foundation is essential. You must take the time to plan, research and document a course of action. If you just jump into marketing, without thinking it through, you’re destined to fail. Would you ever build a house for a customer without making a plan? Just like a home, you can build on it over time. As long as you lay a strong foundation, with the basic fundamentals, it can grow with you. Our approach is to keep it simple at first. Build your plan right, and make sure you understand the various components of your marketing. 

9 Easy Steps to Build Your Digital Marketing Foundation

It's Just Like Building a Home!

  • Research local market demographics
  • Identify and Analyze Competitors
  • Define Your Target Customer
  • Write a Business Description
  • Write Service Descriptions
  • Make Your 1 Page Marketing Plan
  • Make a Google My Business Listing
  • List in Popular Online Directories
  • Make a Basic Website to Start