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You’re great at what you doBut, with all the noise online – marketing can be overwhelming – without the right blueprint.

The customers you have love your business – but, you’re not attracting enough new customers. You might have a few challenges.

And, it’s been impossible to find a reliable marketing agency to handle your marketing for you. You need a marketing agency to solve your problems. Not, create new ones – right?

There is actually a way to find reputable marketing agencies – if you learn what to look for.

Finding the right marketing strategy has been tough.

Contractor in front of Mario Cuomo bridge cartoon drawing in Westchester NY

Hey google, How Do You Find a Reliable Marketing Agency?

Check Out This Short Video from Google About Hiring a Local Marketing SEO

A SEO is just a marketing expert that knows how to “optimize” your Google presence so that our neighbors find you online.

Just as Google tells us – there actually is a way to grow your small business online – with the right marketing agency. 

Or – by taking the right steps on your own.

Then – you’ll have more time with your family –

More time with your customers…

And, fewer headaches.

If You Hire a Marketing Agency to Help Your business Grow --

make sure to find one that knows how to build a marketing blueprint that’s right for you.

It’s not always easy figuring out what steps to take when marketing your local business. And, it’s sometimes tough to know if your marketing agency is doing a good job.

That’s why we put together a simple marketing framework called, Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation

Our step-by-step process covers the marketing basics – for any small service business. And, in language that’s easy any business owner to understand.

It’s about making sure the right pieces are in place now – so you have a foundation to build on for your family’s future. That starts with making sure you stand out on Google. 

But, you gotta do a little research to learn how to connect with your customers. Like Google says – there is no magic wand to get you on the first page. 

If someone tells you there is – they’re probably using marketing strategies that actually hurt your search rankings on Google. These are called black-hat SEO strategies. Often, they go against Google’s guidelines and best practices. 

These may get you some short term results — but the wrong way. And, it won’t last.

It takes time to do it right. But – when you follow the right process – and customize it for your business – you’ll keep growing a little bit each day.

We focus on the small, simple steps – that help you grow the fastest – and cost the least amount of money. And, teach you how to run a self-checkup on your online presence. 

When you’re ready – we break out the more advanced marketing strategies. 

And, we always speak in language everyone can understand. That way, you’ll have time to worry about what’s really important – your family and your customers. 

Local marketing is Kind of Like Building a House --

Our Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint Gets You New Customers!!!

Building a successful digital marketing plan that drives new sales is kind of like building a house. 

You need a strong foundation – or it won’t last.

A strong foundation for your digital marketing requires research, planning and documenting your blueprint. If you start building a house, without thinking it through, you’re much more likely to fail

The same goes with your marketing. Do you ever start a project for a Hudson Valley, NY customer without having a plan? 

A well thought-out marketing foundation is the solution to your problems – if you’re a qualified, reliable service business.

When you use the internet to show potential customers you deserve their trust – it works. 

The strategy is proven. For real – and we don’t mind showing you results from other marketing clients (we have their permission)

Research and Plan Your Marketing Blueprint

BEFORE you spend more time and money on advanced strategies.

We help you get customers

Why Pillar Digital Marketing?

We’re living in a digital world. Now, its easy for unqualified competitors to throw up a website. That makes it harder for your customers to find reliable small businesses like yours. Plus, nobody gives you the tools you need to run your marketing effectively. We get it. 

It’s our mission to use common sense, marketing and data to solve problems and improve the lives of everyone in the Hudson Valley, NY.

We partner with the best local service businesses to help you stand out. And, help you run more efficiently. 

Great local businesses are good for your customers, your company and our community

How Is Our Local Marketing Agency Different?

As a small Hudson Valley business, you need a local marketing agency that gets you. 

We recognize the problems small business owners like you face. 

That’s why we specialize in building a custom approach just for you. 

We help you understand your marketing plan. You can use our marketing resources

Or, speak with us about handling your marketing for you.

We Want You To Hold Us Accountable

Our journey taught us to hold ourselves accountable. A marketing specialist is your partner in the success of your Hudson Valley service business. 

We have to get you results. It’s that simple. 

Each month, you’ll get simple, easy to follow reports. They’ll track your results online, so you can see how we’re doing.

Detailed Monthly Reports

List your local business on Google

Most Common Questions

Have a question about working with our marketing agency? We know how important your business is to you. And, want to give you as much info as possible to make a decision.

We know how much your small business means to you. And, your family. 

That’s why we love to speak with you, before you decide to hire us as your marketing agency.

Book a marketing inspection meeting. For a limited time, we are offering small businesses in the Hudson Valley, NY a complimentary 30 minute live inspection call.

Our specialty is working with small to medium sized local contractors and home service businesses in the Hudson Valley, NY. 

We do occasionally take on other types of local businesses including salons and barbers, restaurants, gyms, pet grooming and more! But, only if we know we can help your business.

If you’re interested in partnering with us as a full service marketing client, or have a question about any of our individual services, book an inspection call.

Our marketing agency specializes in researching, planning and executing your  full service marketing strategy.

Basically, we handle everything involving your local marketing. And, tailor your marketing blueprint to your budget. 

Then, you have more time to focus on your customers. And, your family.

This includes a customized plan with only the services you need: 

  • web design and maintenance, 
  • Google Local Listing management, 
  • directory listing management, 
  • social media management, 
  • branding, 
  • local search optimization, 
  • funnel building,
  • business process automation
  • branding and more

We also offer the follow “a la carte” services on a month to month subscription basis. Cancel any time. 

  • Google Local Listing Management; 
  • WordPress Website Maintenance;
  • WordPress Website Maintain and Protect;
  • WordPress Website Performance Pro.

Yes! We believe in getting to know our customers. And, your businesses. You’ll have a dedicated account manager. That means, you deal with the same person for the long-term. You don’t get passed around.

Full service marketing plans and Google Local Listing management plans include monthly strategy calls.

Although some of our services require a contract, all service contracts are month to month. So you can cancel any time.

For projects, such as website development or content creation, contracts are project based.

In our experience, it’s better to have a contract. That way,  you know what to expect.

And, can hold us accountable.

But, you can cancel any time with no penalty. We never make you sign long term contracts.

Our marketing agency has to perform for you. And, we don’t want you to feel stuck.

Yes. If you just need a local marketing consultant to help guide you along, we’d love to learn more about your business. Schedule a marketing inspection or click the chat box in the bottom right hand corner to learn more. 

Your Google Local Listing is the most basic, and important part of local marketing. 

If your just getting started with local marketing, start with Google. And, depending on your business, and your budget, a customer friendly website is likely the next place to focus.

But, each business is unique. We can help you figure out the right blueprint on a virtual marketing inspection meeting.


The minimum monthly budget for full-service marketing management is $1,500. 

Or, select from our monthly marketing subscription services.

Our website maintenance packages start at just $97 a month. 

And, our Google Local Listing management services begin at $597 a month.

Sometimes, we might not be the right fit for your business. 

We get it. And, never want you to feel stuck. You can cancel any monthly marketing service at any time. 

During the first 3 months of working with us, you can cancel any time and receive a full refund if we don’t get you results.

After the first 3 months, 30 days written notice is required and your service agreement can be terminated.

The 30 days notice is needed because we always plan your marketing in advance. That way, we’re always ahead of the game.