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You know your small business has to do a better job with online marketing.

But, you’re busy. You don’t have the time to learn internet marketing. And, with all the noise online, how do you stand out? It’s been impossible to find a reliable marketing agency to handle your marketing for you. 

You don’t want to be stuck in another long-term contract with an agency that doesn’t deliver. You need a marketing agency that can solve your problems. Not, create new ones? Right?

Online marketing is about using the internet to show your customers you can solve their problems. It’s our job to help you do that. And, while we’re at it, we’ll help you put the right tools in place to help your business run smoother. 

All without ever forcing you into a long-term contract. 


Our Digital Marketing Services

Google My Business is an essential part of your contractor marketing strategy

Google Business Services

You need a Google Business profile to captivate the attention of local homeowners. You're busy - and don't have time to manage the most important part of your marketing foundation yourself. Our marketing agency is here to help. Then, you can worry about your customers.

Custom contractor marketing plans that help you connect with residential homeowners in your community

Custom Marketing Services

You're a bit more advanced. You need help with Google My Business management, plus the rest of your marketing. We handle inspecting, designing and implementing a local marketing plan to grow your sales - so you don't have to. The best part, we don't work with your competitors.

Who We Are

As local marketing shifted from print to digital, home service businesses like yours suddenly had a host of unqualified competitors throwing up a website. That makes it hard to stand out as a trusted voice. Plus, nobody gives you the tools you need to run your marketing effectively. We get it. 

We understand you, and we understand the Hudson Valley. How? Well, we’ve done the research. And, we live here. Pillar Digital Marketing is locally owned and operated in Westchester County, NY.  

It’s our mission to use common sense, marketing and data to solve problems and improve the lives of everyone in our community.

We partner with the best local contractors and service businesses to help you stand out. Giving homeowners someone they can trust with their home is good for your customers, your company and our community.

How Is Our Marketing Agency Different?

As a small Hudson Valley business, you need a local marketing agency that gets you. We recognize the problems small business owners like you face. That’s why we specialize in building a custom approach just for you. 

Our goal isn’t to confuse you. Instead, it’s to empower you by helping you understand your marketing plan. You choose how involved you want to be. But, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. And, we don’t even have to bother you with all of the details. Unless, you want us to.

We Want You To Hold Us Accountable

We believe in holding ourselves accountable. Our marketing specialists are your partner in the success of your Hudson Valley home service business. Each month, you’ll receive reports about your performance online. We start with simple reports at first. 

When you understand your marketing, it works much better. Plus, you can judge how well we’re doing for you. We give you all the key monthly results.

Building a Digital Marketing Foundation for Growth

Our Proven Step-By-Step Strategy to Get Started

Our marketing agency's strategy works for reputable home service businesses like yours

Building a successful digital marketing plan that drives new sales is a lot like building a house. 

A strong foundation for your digital marketing requires research, planning and documenting your blueprint. 

If you just jump into marketing, without thinking it through, you’re destined to fail

Would you ever start a project for a Hudson Valley, NY homeowner without making a plan? 

A well thought-out marketing foundation can be the solution to your problems.

9 Steps to Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation

It's Just Like Building a Home!

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