Terms of Service

Last Updated: April 21, 2024

Welcome to Pillar Digital Marketing Agency, a DBA of Trend Markets LLC. By using our services or accessing our websites (pillardigitalmarketing.com, pillardigital.io, and pillarprotocol.io), you agree to these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, available at pillardigitalmarketing.com/privacy-policy.


Pillar Digital: Refers collectively to Pillar Digital Marketing Agency, Trend Markets LLC, and all associated websites.

Client: The business or individual obtaining services from Pillar Digital.

Digital Assets: Includes all work we complete on your behalf, such as websites, social media profiles, graphics, images, videos, logos, branding materials, and any other digital content created as part of our services.

Work Product: Includes Digital Assets and any other work completed by Pillar Digital and its affiliates.

One-Time Services: Includes 1 time Local SEO Setup Services, Website Design, graphic design, and other work billed at a flat, one-time rate.

Monthly Service Plans: Includes all services billed monthly on a recurring basis; Monthly Maintenance Plans, Monthly Growth Plans, and Custom Monthly Plans.

Monthly Growth Plans: Includes all services provided on a monthly recurring basis to grow your business. This does not include Monthly Maintenance Plans or any One-Time Services.

Monthly Maintenance Plans: Includes services designed to maintain work we have previously completed on your behalf, including monthly Website Maintenance, Local SEO Maintenance, and other plans with the word “maintenance” in the service name.

Custom Monthly Plans: Custom Monthly Plans are monthly agreements to provide marketing services to grow your business online. Custom Monthly Plans are for businesses that have a monthly marketing budget of at least $997.

Direct Competitors: Includes any other business whose primary business category and primary location served matches a client’s primary business category and primary location served. Direct competitors are defined on a case by case basis when you sign up for Monthly Growth Plans and custom Monthly Service Plans.

Third Party Costs: Includes any costs incurred with companies or individuals not directly employed by Pillar Digital. This includes advertising costs, media fees, subscriptions and other amounts paid to parties that are not directly affiliated with Pillar Digital.

Service Guarantee: Our Service Guarantee allows you to cancel any service, for any reason during a stated period to receive a 100% refund, less Third Party Costs.

Results Guarantee: Our Results Guarantees are guarantees that we make to get you results with your marketing. Results Guarantees require that you abide by Client Responsibilities, and are made on a case by case basis with Website Design Services, Monthly Growth Plans, and custom monthly marketing plans.

1. Qualifications to Work With Us  

To qualify for our services, you must have the necessary licensing and insurance required by law for your field, and be fully qualified to perform the services you offer. Our marketing strategies are built on showcasing each client’s unique story and earning trust online.

2. SEO Services  

Our SEO services are designed to enhance your reputation online. The success of SEO is influenced by numerous factors, including the competitiveness of your industry, the age of your business and website, how specific your messaging is, and user interactions with your online presence.

3. Guarantees and Cancellation  

One-Time Service Satisfaction Guarantee

You may cancel any One-Time Service within the first 14 days, for any reason and receive a 100% refund, less Third Party Costs.

Monthly Service Plan Satisfaction Guarantee  

You may cancel any Monthly Maintenance Plan, Monthly Growth Plan, or Custom Monthly Plan, or other recurring monthly service during the first 30 days of commencement and receive a 100% refund, less Third Party Costs.

If you cancel a One-Time Service within the first 14 days, or a Monthly Service Plan within the first 30 days, you will forfeit ownership of any Digital Assets, or other Work Product created during that period. You must cease using and remove these Digital Assets from any public profiles.

Results Guarantees

Additional Guarantees may be made on a case by case basis to get you specific results for One-Time Services and Monthly Growth Plans, and Custom Monthly Plans. Results Guarantees are provided at the time you sign up for a qualified service.

Cancellation of Monthly Service Plans

After 30 days, you may cancel recurring Monthly Service Plans with at least 14 days’ notice in writing before the start of the next billing cycle, as we prepare work in advance for the upcoming period.

4. Ownership of Assets  

You will have direct access to your website domain, website, and any public profiles we create for you. You will own all content, including your website, source files for any graphic designs, unless specified otherwise in the service terms. Ownership will transfer to the Client from Pillar Digital at the moment the invoice is paid in full.

5. Client Participation  

One-Time Services  

For One-Time services, we require items such as responses to specific questions and high-quality photos of your work. Timely responses within 24 hours are essential for adhering to project deadlines.

Monthly Service Plans  

Ongoing services require minimum active participation from the business owner or an employee of the business. This includes delivering fantastic customer service, maintaining a minimum average review rating of 4.0 (after reaching 10+ reviews) and regular submission of quality images showing off your work that we can use in your marketing. Your involvement is crucial for the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

6. Termination of Services  

Pillar Digital reserves the right to terminate our relationship with any client for any reason, provided 60 days’ notice is given.

7. Indemnification

You agree to protect, defend, and hold harmless Pillar Digital and its affiliates from any claims, damages, or costs arising from your use of our services or any breach of these terms.

8. Dispute Resolution  

All disputes arising under these Terms will be resolved through mediation or arbitration, not through court proceedings.

9. Non-Competition  

We avoid working with Direct Competitors when providing Monthly Growth Plans or Custom Monthly Plans. Your direct competitors are determined on a case-by-case basis. We will notify you of any potential conflicts of interest and address them accordingly.

If you are signed up for a Monthly Maintenance Plan, before we accept an engagement with a potential Direct Competitor, you will have an option to increase to a Monthly Growth Plan or higher to prevent us from working with a Direct Competitor of yours.

10. Contact Us  

Should you have any questions, please contact us at info@pillardigitalmarketing.com.