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Revolutionizing Online Marketing For Home Service Businesses

Marketing is no longer about making a quick sale. Online marketing for home services is about building relationships

People don’t want to hear about the features of what you do. Instead, they want to know how your home services can help them.

At Pillar Digital Marketing, our mission is to help quality, reputable residential contractors like you build lasting relationships and reach your goals. We’re local marketing specialists based in Westchester County, NY, and we’re here to help you. It’s all about earning the trust of your potential customers. 


Our owners, Joe and Mark have lived in Putnam County and Westchester County all their lives. Now, after an interesting journey, they’re combining their business and marketing skills to help solve your problems.

Joe, a Certified Fraud Examiner, member of American Mensa, marketing creative specialist, finance and marketing major, data scientist and DIY homeowner. 

Joe uses data and his unique set of skills to solve problems. He’s conducted dozens of fraud investigations, and interviewed hundreds of victims of scams. Joe knows what consumers want to see from your business before they can trust you. 

Mark, a Cyber Security Specialist, entrepreneur, math major, marketing guru and business process specialist. Mark’s service businesses have grossed millions in sales by applying the same techniques we adapt to develop your custom marketing blueprint. 

As homeowners, we recognize how difficult it is to find the quality contractors like you

We also know how to help businesses connect with customers online. So, we decided to start up Pillar Digital Marketing, with Joe and Mark at the head. We’re bringing our vision to the Hudson Valley and connecting qualified and honest home service businesses with the best customers. 

Simply put, we help you get found! 

But, only if you deserve to be found. So if you think you have what it takes to be a Pillar of Our Community, get in touch. 

Let’s partner together and begin a journey to your long term marketing success in the Hudson Valley!

Easy to Understand Marketing Plans

Because of the internet, local marketing is changing everyday. With our online marketing techniques, you can deliver your message to the subset of Hudson Valley homeowners most likely to need your services. Instead of speaking to everyone (and wasting money), your home service business can zero in on a specific audience and deliver a more memorable message. 

Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation is actually pretty simple. The problem is, it’s never clear which steps to take first, and in what order. That’s why we give you the basic info you need as a home service business to have online marketing success on your own. Or, with the help of an expert.

Our Strategies Help You Earn The Trust of Hudson Valley Homeowners

Thanks to a few shoddy contractors in the home services space, homeowners are often skeptical of all home service companies. That’s a problem for you. Our solution is to build a marketing plan blueprint that establishes trust. Online marketing for home services is about proving you’re qualified, and answering questions before homeowners ask them. Show Hudson Valley homeowners you have what it takes, and will value their home like it’s your own

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Educational Materials
  • Proof of Required Licensing
  • Frequent Quality Photos
  • Consistent Reviews
  • Your Certifications

Catapult Your Digital Marketing Success

We're Building Unforgettable Online Marketing Plans that Connect Contractors Like You with Homeowners

Out of the box thinking to develop unique digital marketing strategies for residential contractors

One of the most common complaints we hear from our home service business partners is you don’t know where to start with your online marketing. 

You know your service company should be online. The problem is that there are way too many options. Hundreds of marketing agencies are all throwing ideas at you. It’s tough to keep up. 

That’s why we have 3 rules when building your custom marketing plan

Our goal is to develop your marketing plan together. We do this by following a step by step process you can easily follow. The most important step is Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation

We don’t just tell you what we are going to do, we explain why. Then together, we can make the best decisions for your company’s brand.

3 Key Principals of Our Marketing Plans

Keep It Simple

We don’t throw too much at you at once. Our strategy is to start simple with the basic foundations of online marketing. From there, your marketing plan can grow with your business.

Be Unique

If you use the same boring marketing strategies as everyone else, you’ll get lost in the crowd. We put a unique spin on everything we do to market your home services business.

Stay On Story

Everything we do with your digital marketing plan has to tie together. Your marketing is really just telling your community your story and why you offer the best value. Be consistent. 

What Makes our strategy DIfferent?


We know how valuable your time is. Your time might be better spent doing what you do best, working on homes. However, it’s essential that you understand your digital marketing plan. Then, we’ll take care of executing it. At PDM, we take the time to explain the fundamental marketing concepts you need in language you can understand. We start with the basics, then grow from there.

  • We research your local market and make a cohesive plan
  • When we work with contractors like you, we're your partner
  • Minimalist, step-by-step approach to gradually build a plan
  • We speak in language you can understand
  • No long-term contracts required, we want you to want to work with us
  • If we work with you, we won't work with any of your direct competition
  • Our marketing plan blueprints can be boiled down to 1 page
  • Monthly reporting calls with you to analyze your results

Talk With Us About Growing Your Business

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  • Before we meet, we inspect your current marketing and outline some ideas to help you grow.
  • On our call, we talk about our recommendations to grow your sales and answer your questions.
  • Whenever you're ready to partner with us, we'll work together to build a custom marketing blueprint to help you grow.