PROVE IT Marketing Strategy to Earn Trust

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The Simple Secret to Local Marketing 

Marketing for a contractor or home service business is about standing out.

That means, telling the story of what you do best. Ultimately, it’s about showing potential customers why they should choose your business.

Grab attention where your potential customers are searching

Then guide them along their journey from online searcher, to customer.

Exceed expectations, humbly showoff what you do best, and results will follow. Following these simple weekly steps will put you on the path towards growth.

Consistently Tell Your Story 

Your story, and what makes you special is the foundation of your marketing. You and your employees should be able to explain your “value add”


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Don’t Say You’re the Best, PROVE IT 

An authentic, proven strategy for small business marketing

Post new offers, updates, photos and videos that show off your expertise and authority in your business category.

Reviews have to be consistent. Ask your customers to share their feedback on Google, and remind them it’s important to you.  Respond to all reviews.

Optimize your business Google Business Profile profile. Keep your listing accurate and complete with up to date information. Consistently write your business name, website, phone number and address across all online directories.

Value your customers and deliver a wonderful customer experience. Surprise and delight customers by exceeding their expectations. Focus on the little things.

Engage with your community online. Tell your story from your point of view with engaging content. Show what makes your business special.

Inspect Google Business Profile insights to track website visits, phone calls to your business, photo views and more. These are important indicators of success.

Teach your community what they need to know about when they work with businesses like yours. Post answers to FAQs, and anticipate new questions.

While everyone else says they're the best...we PROVE IT

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Your Digital Marketing Foundation Strategy

We hope you enjoyed reading this post!

If you want us to just handle your local marketing for you, schedule a meeting with us.

We hope you enjoy reading this post!

If you want us to just handle your local marketing for you, schedule a meeting with us.