Memorable Small Business Branding that captivates attention

Does Your Small Business Need a "Brand"?

Small business branding is the thing that gets people to remember your business. 

You want your neighbors in the Hudson Valley to remember you, right?

So – why aren’t we all thinking more about our brands?

Most small business owners like us don’t put much thought into our brands. Sure…we all have a logo. Maybe you even have that logo on some pens or key-chains. It’s awesome if you’re thinking like that. You’re doing a great job already. We were once where you are – but here’s the thing… 

As your customer…I want to know more…

You’re not like any other small business. I’m trusting you with my home. I’m trusting you with the safety of my friends and family.

What’s your company stand for? Why should I trust you? What do you value? How can you solve my problems – better than the other guy? 

You see what we mean? Branding your small business is pretty important. Right? Then, tell me. Why is it one of the most overlooked steps in Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation?

So, are you willing to do something different – and well – be different? 

That is what small business branding is all about, isn’t it? 

Your Advantage - If Done Right

Local home service businesses that take the time to research and plan have a huge advantage… 

What’s the advantage? Well…you know who your customers are. And, what they care about. Build a small business brand known for honesty, superior craftsmanship, and amazing customer service.

Then, you’ll crush the competition. Or, find a way to actually work with them. Plus, you’ll build long-term relationships that last. And, refer you to friends.

That means more business. Lot’s more, if done right.

Small business branding has to be effective in Westchester County, NY cartoon

Are You Branding Your Hudson Valley Biz the Right Way?

The Golden Rule written on a post it note

To me, branding is simple. Show potential customers you do the little things right. Treat your customers, like you want to be treated. Remember? The Golden Rule?

Joe Darragh

What is Small Business Branding?

Small business branding is much more than the logo and slogan for your home services company. Put simply, your brand is how your local business is remembered in the Hudson Valley, NY. Your brand is who you are. It’s a combination of how your company looks and feels.

Why Does My Local Business Need a Great Brand?

Home service company branding provides an opportunity to build relationships before you even meet homeowners. Don’t just tell your local community you’re qualified, show them. 

Homeowners Don't Care About The Technical Parts of What You Do

They Want to See They Should Trust You

Showing people what your home services business stands for is a great way to connect with Hudson Valley homeowners. 

They Care About What You Value

Don’t just list your services. That’s what your competition does and there’s a better approach. Homeowners want to hear about you

Show them what drives you to get out of bed every morning. Show them that you’re qualified. Show your customer how you can do a better job at solving their problems. Show them that you care. Then, you’ll captivate

Contractor with family outside of home after good small business branding

Telling Your Story Connects You With New Customers

Small business branding announcement doodle

Let's Tell A Story of Expertise, Authority and Unmatched Value

Let’s partner together to discover the story of you. That’s right. It’s all about you. You have a story to tell

It’s a story you already know, because, well…you’re living it.

It’s our job to actually listen to your story. And, what your goals are for your business – and life. Then, we use build marketing plan, that starts with a strong foundation. Together, we highlight what makes you special. 

We want to learn about what drives you. Guess what? 

So does the rest of the Hudson Valley. That’s why, after we learn all about you, we take what we learn, and we head back to the pillar lab. That’s where we get to work; crafting what you tell us about your life and your business into a story that your ideal customers will relate to. 

By crafting an engaging story about your business you can attract your ideal customer. Great company branding won’t only separate you from the scrupulous competitors. If done right, your brand story will make you the definitive authority in the minds of our community.

89% of People Stay Loyal to Brands with Shared Values statistic

Do You Want Loyal Customers?

People remember great stories. Think about your favorite movies based on real events. They’re memorable, right?

They’re memorable because the stories are good.

Tell the story of why you take pride in the work you do. Show your neighbors how your business helps our community. 

Give homeowners an authentic look into your business. That’s how you connect with your best customers. And, they’ll tell their friends about you. 

Your best customers are the ones that will pay a little more – for quality, reliable work at a fair price.

Let's Tell Your Local Brand Story

Time and time again we’ve heard the same complaints from our home service company partners. Your local contracting or home services business is constantly being outbid by unqualified competitors. 

The sad truth is that unless you do something to stop it, it will never end. As long as some competitors put profits before quality, they’ll always be able to do the job cheaper.

So, would you be willing to share your story with our community and give people a reason to choose you?