WordPress Website Management Plans

Cost effective monthly WordPress maintenance services to keep your website running smoothly with your latest content.

Website Management for WordPress
Website Maintenance

All our WordPress website maintenance plans include weekly updates, backups, 24/7 monitoring and website support services.

Website Management for WordPress
24/7 Unlimited Edits

Unlimited edits to content on any page, changing photos or videos, styles, content changes, adding new blog content and more.

Website Management for WordPress
Speed Optimization

We manually optimize your site and use premium plugins to achieve fast load times that keep your site running smoothly.

Website Management for WordPress
Ongoing Security

We use comprehensive security protocols to keep your WordPress website secure. Keep your visitors and data safe.

Deliver Your Website Visitors The Ultimate Experience

Maintaining a website that's easy to use

local marketers

You deserve a fast, mobile friendly website that's easy for customers to use.

WordPress Maintenance plans that help you convert visitors into new leads

Is Your Website An Asset or Liability?

Website Management for WordPress

We deliver small business owners a better option for website maintenance services. For most small businesses, it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars a month to have a website.

Now, any reputable local business can surge to the top of local search rankings with one of our WordPress website maintenance plans.

But, the work doesn’t stop there. Your modern website is a selling tool that should deliver the ultimate customer experience, load fast and be easy to navigate.

We’d love to review your website with you during your complimentary marketing inspection meeting. Then, we can help you figure out which WordPress website maintenance plan is best for your business.

Performance on Mobile

A customer focused, fast, secure website with great content is one of the fastest ways for small businesses to grow.

Your competitors are spending money on expensive, pay per click ads that work less and less. With Google putting their focus on fast, mobile optimized website that deliver great content to their audiences — you have a huge chance to grab attention. But you need an optimized website.

Basically that means, by focusing on the small things, that your competitors are overlooking — you have a huge opportunity to stand out.

Fast, User Friendly, Superior Customer Experience

mcasroofing.com performance
Study One of Our Existing Clients Clinton Kearney Garage Doors

Proven Success Optimizing & Managing WordPress for Service Businesses

Here's Where One of Our Clients Started. Ouch.

ckdoors.com pagespeed score of 25 before optimization and maintenance

So we made some changes and it helped. Boom!

ckdoors.com pagespeed score of 94 after optimization

You Receive Weekly Reports Detailing Your Website Performance

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans

Affordable Pricing Plans

Your customers will love your newly optimized WordPress website. We optimize your WordPress website for People. Not, search engines. But, the search engines will love your website too!


Have a question about partnering with us for a WordPress website maintenance plan? We know how important your business is to you. And, want to give you as much info as possible to make a decision about who you choose as your marketing partner.

Google is building a mobile first search index. 

That means, your local rankings on Google and other search engines depend on the mobile version of your site.

Most of our clients opt for the Performance Pro plan. That gets you the most bang for your buck, including:

  • Unlimited 24/7 website updates
  • Priority support
  • Mobile responsive website readiness check – includes making necessary changes to your existing content
  • Free Premium Plugins
  • Fully secure website
  • Much more!


Mobile optimization is super important in Google’s new mobile first index. 

Google tells us that the ideal load time is under 2.5s on mobile. And, under 1s on desktop.. 

Studies show that after that, the bounce rate (rate at which users leave your website before going onto a second page) increases.

Now, it’s easier than ever to have a fast, customer friendly mobile website with our Performance Pro website maintenance plan.

We measure results based on how successful you are. We have a whole team devoted to customer success and helping you get started is a huge part of that.

If you’re getting started with care plans for your website(s), we’ll send you a series of introductory emails.

They detail how to effectively ask for edits, the best screen capture tools, our progress with things like plugin updates and speed optimization and other ways to get the most value out of your plan.

And, you can book an onboarding call if you need any additional help.

All of our WordPress Maintenance plans are billed month to month.

You can cancel at any time by cancelling your subscription online. Or, contacting us at info@pillardigitalmarketing.com

We can help you migrate your existing website to WordPress, or build you one.

In our opinion, WordPress is by far the best CMS (Content Management System) on the web. Our monthly maintenance plans are only for WordPress websites. 

With that said, not all businesses need a WordPress site. We do work with clients to manage landing pages, or single page websites. 

If you have a website other than WordPress, or are interested in website development or content creation, please book a call.

Yes. We do offer website development and design services.

Before designing a new website, we typically require you are able to provide documentation of your business processes and workflows. 

Knowing your processes, particularly the customer acquisition cycle, or sales cycle, is key to a successful website.

Your website, for most businesses, should be more than an online brochure. The processes help us to build a design that delivers the ultimate customer experience. 

And, guides them through your sales cycle seamlessly. You want to have all the info they need, where they need it. 

Plus, let them know exactly what to expect.

If you need help documenting your processes, and/or developing your website, services are available at an hourly rate of $150/hr.

Joe and Mark have a combined 20+ years of experience working with a variety of businesses. We use cutting edge technology, and fundamental business concepts to make sure we’re only building you a website that helps you succeed.

We don’t want to take your money, if it’s not going to help you. If you’re not ready for a big website, we can keep it simple to start. 

Basic starter WordPress website $997

We can design and develop your WordPress website built around your business processes. 

Basic, 5 page WordPress website with a homepage, contact page, about page, product/service page, and FAQ page starts at $997. Does not include content creation (writing the text or making other graphics/media).

The cost to build your website can vary. The number of pages, complexity of design requests and whether we use a theme or custom design all factor into cost.

WordPress website development, design and content creation is typically billed at $150/hr.

Book a call to tell us more about your project.

We use developer tools such as Pingdom and GT Metrix to find bottlenecks in your site – then we fix them! Our goal is to get your page load time under 2.5s.

If part of your website is preventing you from meeting the 2.5s load time, we’ll provide recommendations for improvement.

We run manual updates on your website. They’re never automated. That way, we can quickly fix any issues that may arise when updating to new versions of our software.

When we onboard your website, we run initial WordPress Core updates, theme updates and plugin updates for you. We test your site to ensure that everything remains compatible. Our preferred update method is to always update on staging for testing before pushing to live.

Security tasks will vary from site to site. Typically, we run scans to ensure that the site is clean, we also harden your WordPress install to ensure that attacks are prevented.

We also install iThemes Security Pro and configure this plugin for your setup. Website security is then monitored ongoing for you.

For WP Maintain + Protect and WP Performance Pro plans we’ll install and configure the following security/speed related plugins as part of your plan:

  • iThemes Security
  • WP Rocket
  • WPMUDEV – WP Smush Image Optimization
  • Video User Manuals

Each website that we onboard is reviewed for compatibility with these plugins – not all websites are suitable for all plugins and this is assessed on a site by site basis

We have a team of WP developers that are fully remote, working 24/7 to ensure your success. 

  • All support is 100% email or form based.
  • We provide you simple, easy to use forms to make it easy when sending us your tickets.
  • Within 2 – 6 hours, your client will receive a human confirmation that the team is working on their request.
  • Our usual ticket turn around time is 24/48 hours per request.
  • If the client has multiple (unrelated) support requests, they should submit a new ticket for each to get the fastest support.

Unlimited edits do include edits to content on any page, changing banners, headers or footers, changing plugin settings, CSS adjustments, blog content or context edits, adding a new landing page, formatting landing pages, changing images or text, adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts. Unlimited truly does mean unlimited too! 

Unlimited edits do not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress, creation of content or building out a new website or subdomain.


Included: You want us to upload blog content that you created with attached images that have been sent and format for WordPress with instructions

Not included: You want us to create a blog post, find images and upload to WordPress with no instruction for formatting


Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store (for which you’ve provided all needed content).

Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store.


Included: You want us to install and set up a plugin to use it’s built-in functionality.

Not included: You want us to create new functionality that doesn’t exist in a plugin. (This would require custom development which may be available at an hourly development rate.)


Included: You want us to take the text that you emailed to us and use it to replace the current content on your About page.

Not included: You want us to write content for or design your About page.

We’d be happy to help you with custom development as well. That kind of project is fully covered by our hourly work or a retainer plan.

Not necessarily. For almost all of our services, we won’t work with any of your competitors. 

The WP maintenance packages are the one exception. The WP maintenance plans do not provide the customer with any marketing consulting services concerning strategy, offers or business processes. 

These plans just get your website “Google ready”. We believe all businesses deserve access to a reliable, trusted partner to help maintain their website. 

It’s kind of like with a mechanic. They don’t have a conflict if they are working with two contractors that compete against each other. All they are doing is fixing the vehicle, that let’s you do the job. 

But, they’re not providing any services to advise you on doing your actual job. 

The same with us. Any small business can partner with us for WP maintenance. 

However, we won’t e able to provide any consulting, design or content creation services if we have a conflict of interest. 

That is to protect you, and our existing clients. If you are interested in consulting or other marketing advisory services, we will let you know if we’re prohibited from working with you for any reason.

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