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Google Business Profile Results
Results above from customer actions through Google Business during a 90 day period for local roofing contractor with fully optimized Google Business Profile listing
Top 3 local search results on Google Search showing MCAS Roofing & Contracting, Inc.

How Our Real SEO Google Local Blueprint Works

It's Our Proven Strategy Plan For Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation Online

Real SEO Google Blueprint Unlocked!

SEO Google Local Strategy Starts With Google's Framework

We Start By Listening To Google's Simple Strategies To Stand Out Online

Real SEO Google Blueprint Unlocked!

Your potential customers are searching on Google. That means, your potential customers are Google’s customers too! 

And, Google wants to deliver their customers the best search experience. That means, highlighting the most reliable, trustworthy local businesses. 

Google even tells us exactly what they look for. 

According to Google, local businesses that show off their expertise, authority and trust in their business industry have the best chance of outranking your competitors. 

All we have to do to start building your Digital Marketing Foundation, is listen.

It’s what the Real SEO Google Local Strategy is all about!

We Used Google's Advice To Craft Our Super Simple Strategy

Build Your Digital Marketing Foundation With Our 3 Phase Plan To Grow Locally Without Expensive Paid Ads

Google Business Profile insights showing increased website clicks, phone calls, direction requests and photo views

Introducing Your Digital Marketing Foundation

Your step-by-step Real SEO Google Local Blueprint to grow locally

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The Real SEO Google Local Blueprint is how you build a Digital Marketing Foundation for long-term success. Your complete marketing foundation includes your fully optimized Google Business Profile, claimed and complete online directory listings, and a fast, mobile friendly website that delivers the ultimate customer experience!

The results? More website clicks, more phone calls and more leads delivered to your business!

It’s how you build for the future Piece, by piece. As your ready.

And, we’re going to tell you exactly what we do to deliver this strategy to our clients!

Building Your Complete Digital Marketing Foundation

Here's Each Step To Take In The Real SEO Google Local Blueprint Strategy

Real SEO Google Local Blueprint Infographic

Phase 1 - Researching Your Market and Competitors

First, you need to make sure your Google Business Profile is claimed and verified. That’s always the first thing we do. It eliminates the risk that someone will fraudulently claim your listing. Plus, the longer you’re on Google, the easier it will be to drive FREE leads with local search.

It’s crucial you DO THIS TODAY if you haven’t claimed your Google Business Profile. 

After you do that, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn a little bit about your local market and the people who are your potential customers. That’s how you discover the opportunities your competitors can’t see!

Phase 2 - Planning Your Local Marketing and Branding

Next, using your research from Phase 1, plan your marketing. Craft a marketing message that sets you apart from your competitors. Figure out what your business does best, and what makes you unique. 

Then, tell that story. It’s how you start building a brand. For the long-term results.

And, it’s super important your business delivers a consistent message. So, it’s important to create your Digital Profile & Brand Guide that documents all the crucial information you need to have handy.

Finally, you need a marketing plan. That starts with your Real SEO Google Local Action Plan. You can develop your marketing plan as your business grows. 

But once you have the foundation — it’s much easier to add to. You’re just telling the same story in new places online.

Phase 3 - Take Action And Build Your Local Online Presence

Next up, the fun part. Building your online presence with Google, online directories and your fast, mobile friendly website.

Phase 3, Part 1: The take action phase starts with the simplest action to take -- creating a spectacular Google Business Profile that stands out in local search
Phase 3, Part 2: Next, you use the Digital Profile & Brand Guide, with our handy Online Directory Listing Checklist, to claim and optimize top industry directories and social media listings
Phase 3, Part 3: The last step to Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation is building your simple starter website. Show potential customers what makes your business special

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