Marketing issues you face as residential contractors can be overcome

Digital Marketing Issues are a problem

And We Know The Solution.

We did some research before deciding to specialize in digital marketing for contractors. We noticed something interesting about the marketing issues you face, and it’s the reason we do what we do. Marketing agencies, home service business and contractors face a lot of the same marketing challenges. Our customers have difficulty knowing who they can trust. Give homeowners a reason to trust you, and put their fears at ease and watch your sales skyrocket!

The #1 Problem That's Holding You Back

Both the marketing industry, and the residential construction industry have been plagued with the fallout of unqualified, dishonest businesses that have no business charging for their services. That causes marketing issues for you. Just as contractors are skeptical of marketing agencies, homeowners are skeptical of contractors. The saying that a few bad apples spoil the bunch has never been more true in both of our industries. This makes it hard to earn the trust of potential customers. As a result, your audience is getting overwhelmed when looking for a business they can trust. Our similar marketing challenges make us the perfect agency to help you solve it. 

Trust is your biggest marketing issue

Most of our competitors, just like your competitors, are honest businesses. While some are better than others, most hold the proper licensing, have the right skills, and enter into service contracts in good faith. For the most part, our competitors want to do right by their customers. That starts with superior customer service.

However, in both of our spaces, there are a subset of dishonest, unskilled scam artists.  Your immoral competitors have caused our target audience to not trust contractors as a whole. Their unethical tactics have created marketing challenges for trustworthy contractors like you. It makes marketing your contractor business a challenge.

  • Don't hold proper licensing
  • Uninsured or under-insured operations
  • Unaware of safety protocols
  • Use inferior materials
  • Proof of Contractor Licensing
  • Your certifications

2 Challenges created by unethical competition

Time and time again we’ve heard the same complaints from our customers. Their local contracting business is constantly being outbid by unqualified competitors. The sad truth is that unless you do something to stop it, it will never end. Unethical competitors will create marketing issues for you to overcome. As long as they put profits before quality, they’ll always be able to do the job cheaper. 

Killing The Trust

  • Rude customer service
  • Failing to complete work
  • Poor quality work that doesn't last
  • Stealing deposits

Undercutting Your Prices

  • Building with cheap materials
  • Hiring unskilled labor
  • Don't obtain contractor licenses
  • Lack comprehensive insurance

Let's Solve Your Biggest Problem Together

Use Digital Marketing to Tell A Story of Expertise, Authority and Unmatched Value

Brand storytelling is essential for residential contractors

If you’re like most, your first reaction is anger. You do everything right. Your employees take pride in their work. You genuinely want to deliver the best home services possible. Despite this, you keep losing business to menacing competitors that undercut pricing. The dishonesty of others causes marketing issues for your home services business. But anger never solved a problem and it’s not going to start now. Instead, let’s partner together to turn a bad situation into a unique opportunity. By crafting an engaging story about your business you can attract your ideal customer. A great brand story won’t only help separate you from the scrupulous competitors. If done right, your business’ story can make you the definitive authority on residential construction in the minds of your community.

Unleash Your Message Through Your Community

When we listen to our clients talk about residential construction, we hear your passion. Undoubtedly all of your neighbors that have worked with you before know you can get the job done right. If you’re like most of our customers, you already know what sets you apart. You’re told that story to hundreds of people, but you only had an audience of one. Digital marketing is taking that message, and reaching the masses to overcome your marketing challenges. Instead of letting unqualified competitors create marketing issues for you, solve the issues your construction company faces. Let’s partner together to unleash your value proposition to your community. 

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