Finding Your Target Customer in the Hudson Valley New York

You know that feeling when it just seems like a local business doesn’t understand you? 

It’s frustrating, right? That’s why, after doing your market research and competitive analysis, you have an answer the most important question. 

Who is your target customer

Answering this important question needs to be part of Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation.

Any time you build something, whether it’s a house, a computer or a marketing campaign, you must build a strong foundation. 

That means, you need a plan. 

Before you can even begin to build your marketing plan blueprint, and frankly before you make the leap to own your own business, you have to know who your delivering your message to. 

You need to research and identify your target audience.

So, let’s get started with Step 3 of Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation.

Who is Your Target Customer?

3rd Step to Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation

Once again, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. According to Entrepreneur.com, a target customer is the following.

A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services


Really, your target market, or target audience is anyone that needs your home services. Thanks to your market research, you know who lives in your service area. 

Use the information you learnt during the first two steps of Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation. 

Try to define your target customer as specifically as possible. 

Finding Your Ideal Customer vs. Target Audience

Finding your ideal customer is an essential first step to digital marketing for residential contractors

Now that you have taken some time to research your local market, it’s time to define your target customer (aka target audience). 

You need the general blueprint of your potential customer (who might need your services), and key characteristics. Your ideal customer profile is more specific. 

The ideal client profile should define your perfect customer. It’s the ideal scenario, in a perfect world. They’re the customers that perfectly align with your business’s values. 

They’re needs perfectly align with the service you deliver, and how you deliver it.

Your Small Business Target Customer

The approach you take to identifying your target audience will vary depending on how well the competition is marketing their own businesses. 

When nobody is standing out, you can take a more general approach. 

Let’s say you’re a roofer entering a market where there are no other roofers doing a great job in the digital world. Then, you can define their target audience broadly. Perhaps all homeowners that need new roofs or roof repairs. 

However, if several businesses in your industry are taking advantage of digital marketing to connect with your community, you need to find a niche. 

The best approach is to first define your customer profile generally, or your target customer. 

What are the broad characteristics of the people who will need your service. 

Then, look to tilt your business towards the most profitable niche to really allow yourself to stand out. 

Defining Your Target Customer

Often, your local business won’t be the only game in town. You will have competitors, and they’ll have a head start. 

But that doesn’t mean they have the advantage. Most local businesses in and around Westchester County don’t research before they craft their marketing plan. 

That’s always a mistake, but it’s up to you to make them pay. 

Before you can start marketing to a community, you need to understand more about the homeowners who live there. 

Then, create a profile using broad characteristics of what your customer would look like.

Target customer for residential contractor

The Target Audience For Your Home Service Company

For example, as home service business in the Hudson Valley, what characteristics would your customers share? 

Well, they’d have to be a homeowner or a landlord that owned a house in your service area. They would also have to be in need of a home renovation or service.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

Target customers in Westchester, NY for residential contractor

When you try to be everything to everybody, you’ll never stand out in a crowded local market. 

The better approach is to find a specific type of service your business can specialize in. 

Or…a specific niche target audience of potential customers that your marketing message will really resonate with. 

That’s your ideal customer. 

This doesn’t mean your limiting yourself

Instead, it allows you to focus on getting the most profitable jobs, from the customers you love to work with. 

We’re not telling you turn away the others customers. Instead, you’re focusing your message so you get more of your favorite customers.  

Defining Your Target Customer in A Niche

A common advanced strategy to marketing your business in a crowded market is niche marketing. Niche marketing is tilting your marketing message to a specialized audience. 

When you know more specific characteristics of your potential customers, you can better connect with them

This can be either a more specialized service that your competitors aren’t focusing on, or specific customer profile that you can best connect with.

How Should You Find Your Niche in Your Community?

Don’t just target who you think you want your customer to be

Instead, analyze the competition and find a niche in your industry that’s not being filled. 

The easiest way to rapidly attract customers is to target a specific subset or niche in your industry that no other local businesses focus on. 

Solve a problem nobody else is solving.

The Niche for a New Roofer

Let’s take a roofer for example that is entering a new local market. Instead of just being a roofer, after studying the local market, MCAS Roofing & Contracting, Inc. took a different approach. 

By first conducting market research around Croton-on-Hudson, NY, we learnt how overwhelming it can be for homeowners to search for a contractor they can trust.

As a local, family run roofing business, MCAS’s clients understand that a house is just not a house, it’s a home. 

So after reviewing our market research, we decided to define their audience as middle-class families that own a home in their Westchester service area. We further describe their target customer as homeowners that value trust and quality over price. 

That has allowed MCAS Roofing & Contracting, Inc. to position themselves as the local roofer that values quality and relationships over profits.

Your Buyer Persona Profile

Do you need help identifying your ideal customer?

You can’t just have the target audience profile in your head. It has to be on paper so everyone throughout your small business is on the same page.

Your Target Audience Profile

Document all of the key characteristics of your general target audience. Remember this should be the broader definition of your potential customers. These are all of the people that you want to focus on marketing to. 

Your Ideal Client Profile

Your ideal client profile is the more specific definition. These are the people that you love working with the most. Location, income level, values and demand are all criteria that can help with finding your ideal customer, then defining them. 

Your local buyer persona profile should cover both your target audience and your ideal client profile. 

Then, you can begin crafting a message through digital marketing that will resonate with your audience. 

Focusing on defining your audience will help set you apart from the competitors. 

While they are speaking to everyone, you speak to your ideal customer. 

Congratulations on being one step closer to learning how to Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation for long-term success in and around Westchester!

Next, are you ready to start learning about small business branding for your home service company?