memorable construction company branding

#1 Way to Build Relationships & Earn Trust

Construction company branding is an essential, yet often overlooked step in laying your digital marketing foundation. Local contractors that take the time to research, plan and execute a detailed brand strategy have a huge advantage. Contractors like you are amazed at the incredible ways branding helps them connect with their community.

Construction company branding is about earning the trust of local homeowners

What is Construction Company Branding?

Branding is much more than the logo and slogan for your construction company. Put simply, your brand is how your construction business is perceived in your community. Your brand is your image. It’s a combination of how your construction business looks and feels.

Why is Branding Key for Residential Contractors

Contractors build houses, but families build homes. Your customers aren’t just trusting you with a piece of property. They’re trusting you with the safety of their family and their most precious asset. Construction company branding provides an opportunity to build relationships before you even meet. Don’t just tell your local community you’re qualified, show them. Become a trusted local contractor by showing you’re qualified, experienced and will treat their home like your own.

Key Components to branding for contractors

Everything you do, print and say play into how your construction company is perceived by your community. Construction company branding is about communicating shared values, giving back to the community and focusing on earning trust before profits.

  • Your logo and color scheme
  • The story of your company and how it was created
  • How you and your employees interact with your community
  • What you stand for as an organization
  • Why you do what you do
  • Cohesive, consistent design and tone of the content
  • The unique way you offer better value than other residential contractors
  • Specific subsets of your local industry that you specialize in

Homeowners Don't Care About What You Do

They Care About Why You Do What You Do

Marketing material contractors send to homeowners is always the same. Contractors list their services, they tell you to trust them and give you a boring coupon. Instead, tell your community why you do what you do. Learning what you stand for, and what drives you is a much better way to connect with your community.

They Care About The Value You Deliver

Don’t just list your services. That’s what your competition does and there’s a better approach. Homeowners want to hear about the value you can deliver. Tell them what drives you to get out of bed every morning. Show them that you are qualified. Create an unforgettable brand by talking about how you can do a better job at solving their home repair problems. 

tell Your Story To Build Relationships

Tell A Brand Story of Expertise, Authority and Unmatched Value

Brand storytelling is essential for residential contractors

Let’s partner together to discover the story of your residential construction company.  By crafting an engaging story about your business you can attract your ideal customer. A great construction company branding won’t only help separate you from the scrupulous competitors. If done right, your brand story make you the definitive authority on residential construction in the minds of your community.

Brand Storytelling For Contractors

People remember an intriguing story better than facts. Think about your favorite movies based on real events. The Patriot, Gladiator, Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan. All of these movies tell a story about history, and if you’re anything like me, you remember. You can tell the story of why you take pride in the work you do, how you help better your community and authentic insights into your business.

Secrets to An Unforgettable Brand Story

  • Be authentic by telling an honest, transparent story
  • Introduce why you started your construction company (don't say money)
  • Tell the audience where you come from, and how it shaped your vision
  • Explain how your services solve a unique problem for homeowners
  • Ensure your website, ads and all operations tie into your brand
  • Think of each new piece of content as a new scene in your story

11 Expert Tips to Create Your Brand

  • Explain the unique value your business delivers
  • Talk about why you're passionate about building
  • Show quality photos of past work
  • Use customer testimonials and reviews
  • Be consistent in how you describe your business
  • Find ways to better your local community
  • Engage and be receptive to customer feedback
  • Create content that educates your audience
  • Prominently list your certifications and licenses
  • Anticipate FAQs before they're asked
  • Include proof of insurance online

Communicate Your Brand Story

Time and time again we’ve heard the same complaints from our customers. Their local contracting business is constantly being outbid by unqualified competitors. The sad truth is that unless you do something to stop it, it will never end. As long as they put profits before quality, they’ll always be able to do the job cheaper.