Local Marketer Checkup: Test Your Marketing

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I just gotta stop the scams! Is your local contractor or home service business being ripped off?

Look. Those guys, the local marketer that got you stuck in that expensive, long-term contract…they speak marketing jargon. Not us. 

Local marketing can be complicated. But, at first…it’s not.

There is a super simple strategy. All you gotta do is listen to what Google tells us. 

It starts with your Google Business Profile. 

Then, just a dash of online directory listings like Next Door, Angie’s List (Now Angi) and Yelp.

Then, a super fast, mobile friendly website. One that focuses, not on Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO. 

Instead, focus on your customer experience. Optimize for that. Your business will thrive.

Then, once your business is firing on all cylinders. And, you have a strong foundation for future growth, you can add those other confusing strategies. 

We can’t possibly help every local contractor. So we want to make sure you know how to check if your local marketer is messing with your small business.

For now, it’s about the basics. Here’s 5 simple checks that your local marketer is trying to hide from you.

Joe Darragh Certified Fraud Examiner

5 Self-checkups on your local marketer

#1 Check Your Reputation on Google 

Search your business on Google. 

Check if your biz follows Google’s Advice to stand out:

 Completed Google Business Profile with accurate business info

 Frequent new photos and videos on Google Business Profile

 Consistent new reviews and responses from your business

 Consistent posts to keep your community updated about your business

 Accurately listed business name, address, phone and website on other search results that show up (Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc)

 See an example of a business that follows Google’s Guidelines

See Google Tips to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

#2 Google Page Speed Insights

Run Google’s PageSpeed Insights check to determine how your website is performing on desktop and mobile.

Score range 0 to 100.

Green is great, orange is good, red is bad!

#3 Google Mobile Friendly Check

Mobile test to see how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device. Just enter a page URL to see how your page scores.

Page is mobile friendly, green text is good.

Page is not mobile friendly, red text is bad.

#4 Ubersuggest.com Website SEO Audit

Ubersuggest.com SEO audit

Full website optimization report.

See desktop and mobile page speed, monthly organic traffic, keywords, SEO score and specific issues to fix.

Green is great, orange is good, red is bad!

#5 Structured Website Data

Tests to see if your website is using “schema markup” aka structured data.

This is Google jargon that really means code, on your website that tells search engines specific details about your business.

It also allows you to tell Google other profiles related to your business like Facebook.

It is not required, but highly recommended for local search.

Want me to email you a handy PDF guide for your local marketer checkup?

Your Digital Marketing Foundation Strategy

We hope you enjoy reading this post!

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