Losing Customers to Unqualified Competitors is frustrating

Need Help Finding Your Right Solution?

Marketing agency doodle with examples how to help grow small local businesses in Westchester County, NY

having a hard time Growing Your Local Business?

Before starting Pillar Digital Marketing, we did some research. We spoke to businesses like yours. And, we spoke to your customers. 

We noticed something interesting about the marketing problems you face. It’s the reason we do what we do.

Your customers don’t know who they can trust. So, here’s the thing. 

Most businesses just tell homeowners to trust them.

You can’t just say you’re the best. Instead, show homeowners they can trust you. Put their fear of disaster at ease. Then, watch your sales skyrocket!

The #1 Marketing Problem Hurting Your Service Business

The service industry has been plagued by unqualified, dishonest businesses that have no business charging for their services. That creates marketing problems for you. Homeowners are skeptical of trusting anyone with their home. That makes it hard to earn the business of new customers. 

Your neighbors are overwhelmed because they can’t spot the qualified contractors like you – from the dishonest ones. You want to be a reliable, trusted voice. You want to help homeowners. 

But, you’re busy running the day to day. Plus, you don’t have the processes in place to help free up your time to learn marketing. But, your digital marketing has to establish you as the local expert. 

Your Neighbors Need a Trusted Voice

In the digital world, just about anyone can start a business. Homeowners want to hire honest businesses like yours. But, they’re having a hard time figuring out if you’re reliable.  

You can’t just run some ads telling people you’re the best anymore. You have to use marketing to show customers you’re qualified.

The good news for you is we specialize in helping honest, qualified home service providers solve this annoying marketing problem. 

You need someone to help you show the world you are a reliable, capable local business. That way, you can stand out with the help of a marketing blueprint that actually works.

Chart showing survey results suggesting Hudson Valley homeowners don't have an easy time finding reliable contractors
Less than 30% of the Hudson Valley homeowners we surveyed have an easy time finding reliable contractors. Note, sample size is not large enough to be conclusive. But, results indicate this is an opportunity to stand out. And, help your neighbors.

Unqualified Contractors Hurt Us All!

Cheap Materials, Unsafe Construction

Dishonest & Unreliable Workers

home service male contractor frustrated with his local marketing

Time and time again we hear about the same challenges and marketing problems. 

Your local business is constantly being outbid by unqualified competitors. 

The sad truth is that unless you do something to stop it, it won’t end. 

As long as they put profits before quality, they’ll always be able to do the job cheaper. 

We help you show homeowners the value you offer. And, why the cheapest price isn’t the most important thing. Then, not only do they hire you. They’ll even be willing to pay a bit more.

It also helps save your neighbors from dishonest, unreliable, shoddy work. 

2020 homeowner survey pie chart
Small survey sample Pillar Digital ran indicates homeowners are willing to pay more. If, you make them feel like they can trust you.

We Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problems

Tell A Story of Expertise, Authority and Unmatched Value

Small business branding announcement doodle

If you’re like most home service business in and around Westchester County, NY, your marketing problem can be frustrating. You prioritize superior customer service. Your employees take pride in their work. You genuinely want to deliver the best home services possible. 

Despite this, you keep losing business to menacing competitors that undercut pricing. The dishonesty of others causes marketing problems and challenges for your home services business. That’s a problem for homeowners too. It can make you angry. We’re right there with you. 

But anger never solved a problem and it’s not going to start now. Instead of being angry, take the time to seize the opportunity in front of you. 

Most Hudson Valley homeowners care more about quality then price. Tell the Hudson Valley an engaging story about your business. Show homeowners why you love what you do, and the value you deliver. 

At Pillar Digital Marketing, we use marketing to show local homeowners you’re a qualified, trustworthy business. A great brand story won’t just separate you from all the other businesses in your industry. When done right, your company’s story will help you stand out as the most reliable business in your industry.

Let's Unleash Your Small Business Message In our Community!

When we listen to our partners talk about the important work you do, we hear your passion. We bet all of your past customers know you get the job done right. 

And, if you’re like most of our partners (customers), you already know what sets you apart. You’ve told that story a thousand times.

But, each time; you only had an audience of one

Digital marketing is taking that message, and reaching the masses. It’s how you overcome those marketing problems. Have the reliable, trusted voice in our community – and use the internet to broadcast your message proudly.

Instead of letting unqualified competitors create marketing issues for you, solve the issues your company and community face.