129+ Ideas for Small Business Marketing

"We're sharing all our resources, tools and ideas for small business marketing to help the most reliable local businesses grow online simply without expensive paid ads and long-term contracts"​

Pillar Digital Marketing Agency Resource Blueprint

Table of Contents

Before you start thinking about ideas for small business marketing, consider what makes your business special.

Your Digital Marketing Foundation is easier to build when you understand why your potential customers choose you instead of your competitors.

Google ranks businesses and websites that show off expertise, authority and trust.

Google’s Guide for Local Service Businesses even teaches you the most basic steps to take to grow your business. So we started with that for our clients. And along the way, we discovered and tested countless ideas for small business marketing.

Our mission is to deliver the simplest strategies to build a brand online. That’s why you need more than just ideas for small business marketing. It’s also why we decided to organize our favorite tools & resources for you to access.

You need to know exactly what to do, and how to do it. You’re not a marketing expert. But you’re great at what you do. We think it’s good for your company, your customers and your community when your business does well.

Are our ideas for small business marketing right for you?

Nothing about digital marketing is one size fits all. But, there are frameworks you can apply to make your process easier. Even if our marketing strategy isn’t right for you, chances are some of the tools and resources we use might be.

The small business marketing strategies we use only work for businesses that can showoff their expertise and authority in their industry. 

Our strategy is about using Google’s framework for your Google Maps profile, popular online local business directories and a mobile friendly website to tell your story. Google wants to highlight the best businesses. 

So we use your one-of-a-kind story and Google’s guidance to show you have what it takes. These ideas work for us. They might not work for your local business. But, the tools and resources we use for our strategy, can fit your digital marketing also. 

Our tools & ideas for small business marketing 

Here is every resource, tool and small business marketing strategy we use for our clients. 

It includes:

  • Resources from Google for local service businesses
  • Tools to check your presence on Google
  • Tools directly from Google to better understand if your small business marketing strategy is delivering results
  • All of the templates we use to create perfectly sized logos and social content
  • Dozens of free marketing tools to create & edit content, plan and strategize your customer journey & more.
  • Every Youtube Channel we use to learn improve our small business marketing skills
  • All the books we love about business, marketing and life
  • FREE fillable templates to help you execute your small business marketing strategy

Digital marketing foundation blueprint presentation

Small Business Marketing Strategy for Building Digital Marketing Foundation

Once we have some time to figure out a process that works, we like to create frameworks. That’s what we did here to come up with a small business marketing strategy we call “Building Your Digital Marketing Foundation“. If you want to learn more, just check out our Learning Center

Digital marketing is about building a brand that tells the story of what makes you special. And it’s crucial that your marketing message is consistent. We like to do a little research and refine your branding, then use that to build your online presence. Here’s all of the assets that help us execute, build and test your digital marketing.

Market Research 

Ultimate Guide To Market Research – Pillar Digital Marketing’s marketing strategy planning & research guide

Data USA – Easy to search local demographics, income and other info for research during marketing strategy planning

Search US Census Data – View easy to search information about your local community to help with your marketing strategy planning

Local Market Research Tool – Download our easy to use Microsoft Excel Template

Market Research Surveys and Results 

Survey of 100 Respondents from New York About Experience With Local Contractors

Survey of 71 Respondents from NY About Experience With Local Contractors

Competitor Analysis 

Ultimate Guide to Competitor Analysis – Our competitor analysis guide

Complete Competitor Analysis – Use our fillable form to track your competitors

Target Customer

Ultimate Guide to Target Customer – Our target customer guide

Create Your Target Customer Profile – Fillable form to create target customer profile

Branding, Plan and Digital Profile

Ultimate Guide to Local Branding – Pillar Digital Marketing’s guide to branding

Choosing Your Brand Colors – Free Resource from 99Designs.com for small 

Psychology Behind Brand Colors – Strategically choose your brand colors

Create Your Free Logo TemplatesCanva.com free logo creation

Create Your Website Favicon (site icon) – Upload an image to create .ico file

Create Your Digital Profile and Brand Guide – Fillable form for important business details

Google Business Profile

Ultimate Guide to Google Business Profile – Pillar Digital Marketing’s Google Guide

Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google – Business Profile Rules for Google

Google Business Profile Action Plan Cheat Sheet – Easy to follow weekly task cheat sheet

Manage Google Business Profile from Dashboard – Manage your Google Business Profile (note can also manage on search)

Local Opportunity Finder –  Personalized tips for Google business profile from Google

Google Business Profile Marketing Kit – Personalized small business marketing tools from Google

Google Local Review Strategy – Customize our proven review optimization strategy

Get help managing your Google Business Profile – We’ll execute your small business marketing strategy on Google

Online Directory Listings & Social Profiles 

How to Create the Perfect Business Listing – Advice from Neil Patel from Ubersuggest.com

Check your online directory listings – Check if all of your important listings are accurate

Complete your critical online directory listings – Checklist and fillable form to track profiles


Google Webmaster Guidelines – Learn the rules of the virtual road for your website

Search engine optimization basics from Google – Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization starter guide from Google – Learn Advanced SEO

5 Tips for Collecting Leads From Your Website – Small business marketing strategies on lead generation from Google

Ubersuggest.com Website Optimization Check (Free Tool) – Check SEO best practices

Google Page Speed Insights – Check your website performance desktop & mobile

Google Mobile Friendly Check – Check if your website is easy to use on mobile devices

Google Schema Check – See if your website uses rich search results (schema)

WebPageTest – Variety of small business marketing tools to check individual web pages on your site for issues

KeyCDN – Check website performance, https status, and speed

Discover What A Website Is Built With – See all the details and tech behind a website

Website Strategy Guide (PDF Guide) – Our simple resource guide for your website plan

Website Planning Template (Download Excel File) – Template to plan, draft and track your website

Website Page Planner Template – Use our fillable form to plan a website page

Website Maintenance Checklist – Recommended maintenance and checkups for website

Get help managing your WordPress website  

Tools & Ideas for Small Business Marketing

Here’s a fluff free list of our favorite small business marketing tools and software (mostly free), templates, Youtube channels and books to help you learn.

Software and tools we use 

These are the best tools and resources we have found so far for marketing agencies, small business owners or anyone looking to build their brand online.

A few offer what’s called “affiliate programs” where we get paid for referring you to a paid tool or software. They’re the tools we use to run our marketing agency.

So we wanted to share them with you. Plus, find a way to give back. That’s why 50% of all proceeds from affiliate sales are donated to mybrothervinny.org in support of formerly homeless US Veterans. Most of the tools are free to use basic version so you won’t need a paid subscription.

Answer The Public – Content idea generator

Discover exactly what people are searching for. Type one or two words that most relate to your business or topic. Then, sit back as you are delivered a well-organized list of all questions, search phrases and other longer terms that your customers are searching for online. Run two free searches a day. Download as excel file or image graphics. Use to create FAQs, blog posts, social media videos and other engaging content. MAKE SURE TO SELECT YOUR CORRECT COUNTRY.

Anyword – AI writing assistant

Maximize your paid ads, landing pages, blog posts and organic posts with data driven content writing. Summarize your topic and automatically generate a variety of text copy to choose from. We don’t recommend using this as your sole content creation method. But it’s a wonderful idea generator and assistive tool to use.

Automatic Script – Automate your content writing

Use fillable fields to write content for emails easily, sales letters, ads, phone scripts, video scripts and more using proven frameworks.

Big Speak – Computer generated text to speech

Write any text you want. Then, choose from several voices to create an audio file that speaks your text. This is one of those small business marketing tools that comes in handy if you don’t like recording live video or audio content with your own voice.

Bigbangram – Generate hashtag research from a keyword for Instagram and other social

Easy to use tool that generates hashtags from your key phrase that you type in. Allows you to easily copy to your clipboard so you can paste into social media. Guides you through how to select your hashtags.

Blush Design – Tell your story with illustrations

Custom create your own illustrations with an easy to use dashboard. Click through various items in a scene to swap them out.

Builtwith – Audit a website’s technology

Run a report on any website to scan and identify website builder, hosting, plugins and other details about a website.

Canva – Create your graphics & videos

Create all your logos, resize images, edit images, use social posting templates and more. Canva is a wonderful, easy to use resource for small business owners. It’s how we create a lot of our content.

Carrd – Simple, free, fully responsive websites for pretty much anyone

You’ll never have to skip your website because you can’t afford a big fancy budget. Even with simple website builders like Elementor and Gutenberg, WordPress isn’t for everyone. And not all small businesses need a WordPress site. You can have a free carrd.co site up in minutes! This might be one of the most helpful, lesser known small business marketing tools on a budget.

CopyscapeCheck for plagiarism of your website content

Check for copies of your website or specific pages on your website. Helps prevent plagiarism, stolen content and reselling of your content. This can damage your reputation. And, if you’re paying for content to be written for you always check that it isn’t stolen.

Coverage – Find unused javascript and css on your website

Google Chrome developer tool to help understand and fix any javascript and css issues identified on PageSpeed Insights. The code on your website is a critical part of your small business marketing strategy. But this is one you might want to identify the problem for using Coverage. then leave it up to an expert to fix the code.

Coverr – Free stock video for commercial and personal uses

Download stock video for use on Youtube videos, social media, your website and more. No requirements as of this time to credit the original creator.

Elementor – Website builder for WordPress

Elementor has a free version that is good for most websites. This is the best website builder in our opinion for the best content management system, WordPress. Premium version with additional features available. (best practice is to  custom code or use Gutenberg builder; Elementor is a great next best option)

Flaticon – Download millions of free icons to use on your website and other content

Download Free Icons and Stickers for your projects. Resources made by and for designers. PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and CSS formats.

Flourish – Beautiful and easy data visualization

Tell your story, or understand your business data, marketing data and other important information using a simple, easy to use visualization tool. Easily turn your data into stunning charts, maps and interactive stories. View examples.  

Google Business Redressal FormFlag fake competitors, spam and other violations

If you come across misleading information or fraudulent activity on Google Maps related to the name, phone number, or URL of a business, use this form to submit a complaint. Google will review according to guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.

Google Business Profile Reinstatement – Fix a suspended google business profile

It’s not uncommon for a profile to get suspended if you’re making major updates, or perhaps violated Google’s Business Profile policies. Use this form to correct any issues and request reinstatement of a suspended listing.

Google Surveys – Run paid surveys to exactly who you want to hear from

Run market research, split testing and other surveys to help you understand your customers and your market. Build your survey, and Google will tell you how much it will cost. Responses are typically about $1-3 for the types of surveys we have run depending on length.

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword research tool

Useful keyword tool for keyword generation and competition data

Headline Studio – Get an engagement optimization score for your headlines

Take the guesswork out of your headline generator for content titles and headlines

Loom – Easily record professional videos and screen shares

Loom enables a more effective, expressive way of communicating through videos that are instantly ready to record, share and watch anywhere. Offers chrome plugin to quickly start recording. Record and share up to 25 videos with free version. Also available as mobile app on Android and iOS. Loom is one of our favorite small business marketing tools to build relationships with our clients. Instead of boring emails ALL the time, we share a loom.

Lumen5 – Create videos in minutes with artificial intelligence

Lumen5 is a video creation platform powered by A.I. that enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content.

MentionMonitor the internet for mentions of your brand name

Make sure you see all that is being said about a person or brand online. Includes Social media account mentions, mentions in blogs, TV, radio, websites and more.

Pickfu – Market research tool to validate content or ideas

Using PickFu is as effortless as asking a question and telling them who should answer it. You can gather responses from 50 to 500 people immediately. Cost is $1 per response.

Rebrandly – Create free shortlinks and branded shortlinks

Bit.ly alternative. Create free shortlinks for your URLs. Or, purchase a custom shortlink domain (we use pillar.fyi – example https://pillar.fyi/chat-now)

Recast Studio – Automatically add animated captions to your videos

Upload your videos to automatically add animated caption overlays. Saves time and helps make videos accessible and engaging. This is another of our favorite small business marketing tools. The waveform generator, animated text and easy to use editor help you boost engagement on social media. This one has an affiliate link that also includes a 5% discount if you go with the paid version.

Storybrand Website Landing Page Template – Free proven landing page framework

Take advantage of the proven StoryBrand Marketing Framework to build a website that clearly communicates:

  1. The problem you solve for your customers
  2. Exactly what you offer
  3. How their life or business will be better after working with you
  4. What’s at stake if they don’t work with you
  5. How potential customers can get your product or service

Inpant – Remove unwanted objections from photos without any photo editing skills

Just highlight the objects you want removed from your photos and this free software does the work for you.

Remove.bg – Quickly remove the background from a photos

Upload your image and the tool automatically strips out the background. Free version is good for most users. If you need a very high resolution image for print media you may want to try the paid version, or canva.

Ubersuggest  – Website optimization check, keyword research & training

Wonderful resource to check important website information, track your keyword rankings, performance, and competitors. Plus, there is a wonderful library of resources for marketers.

Untools – Control your processes with simple frameworks

Collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems.

Viddyoze – Create live action videos using templated scenes

Cloud-based live action animation video platform for creating stunning ‘Hollywood-style’ content, sales, and marketing videos. Easily create videos in minutes using hundreds of templates.

WEBP Converter – Convert your image files to WEBP format which is optimal for your website. Download images as either PNG (for ones you need to show more fine detail, such as text) and JPEG for other images like photos of employees or your work.

WhatRuns – Identify technologies used on any website at the click of a button

Free chrome extension lets you quickly discover the website Content Management System (WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.) and other technology on website like tracking codes.

Zoho One – Complete, customizable small business technology stack solution

Hands down the most remarkable small business software available. Create a highly customizable Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), handle accounting, forms, chat and more! Under $50 per user per month and replaces MOST OF YOUR OTHER SOFTWARE!

Advanced Tools 

API Connector for Google Sheets

Easily pull in data using data connections without writing code. Basic understanding of how data is sent between websites using APIs


Generate leads from major social networks, Google and websites

Canva design templates

Canva is at the top of our list for most used small business marketing tools. Easily create and edit your videos, photos, create social posts, logos and more. To make using Canva a bit easier, here are all of the templates you might need for your local marketing foundation.

Create a 250 x 250 pixel square logo for online directory listings

Create a 350 x 100 WordPress Site Logo for your website

Create a 1200 x 628 horizontal website page social share image

Create a 1200 x 628 horizontal website image for feature images

Create a 800 x 500 horizontal website image smaller/less central images

Create a 1024 x 1024 square image for Google Photos or social media feed posts

Create a 1200 x 900 horizontal image or graphic for Google Business Profile posts

Create a business card size Google Review Request card

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Business Automation Solutions Using Zoho One

When I’m tasked to help my clients seal more deals, I use heavy artillery in sales and marketing. Using Zoho artificial intelligence (AI), Zoho CRM integrations, YouTube videos, webinars, optimized and lead-generating websites, email newsletter, SEO, paid campaigns, and more.

Technically speaking, anyone can say that they’re a business coach. Even someone who has zero understanding of the business world can say they are a business coach. This is NOT how I think. You wouldn’t hire a hockey coach who has never played the game, and this goes the same for the business world. I believe that in order to best play the business game, you need a coach that played it as well.  

I can promise you that whatever your issue is, I was there at some point and found the solutions to get passed those issues. On top of my thorough understand of the business world, I also bring to the table the conventional coaching education that I learned in the school of Tonny Robbins.

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I’m a Director of Paid Social at a fully-remote marketing agency. People hire me to do their Facebook Ads (and other social media channels) to grow their businesses.

When I first started learning Facebook Ads, I was frustrated by the lack of resources available to beginners. Sure, there’s a lot of videos on YouTube that show dropshippers getting a 20x ROAS in their campaigns. But when I tried their replicating their strategies, I didn’t get the same results.

Hint: Because they’re bs!

This channel is going to show you the real strategies I use every single day to help my clients make money. You’re going to watch me build out accounts EXACTLY the way I build out accounts for my clients.

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Work with Cheryl Petteruti, men’s fashion expert to build your wardrobe. She helps men with both professional and casual wear. It’s awesome because you don’t pay any more money than you would in a store. Plus, you have a guide to help you a long the way. Then you don’t buy 3 things for every 1 thing you end up wearing. You can work with her in person in the New England, US region. Or, virtually online. Once you get your measurements once, you automatically have every item you need perfectly altered. You can shop online in their boutique shop or have Cheryl custom design your clothing. Or, source anything you need. Plus, we share tons of free style tips so subscribe to our YouTube channel today!

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The one thing that makes Cliq stand out is its Remote work feature. All the other traditional communication tools allow you to chat, engage with your teams, connect over a call and so on. However, Cliq goes a step ahead and helps you enjoy the little quirks of working from the office and gives you the feeling of working together on the same floor.

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Favorite Books

Here is a list of our favorite books with ideas for small business marketing, tools, resources and tips!

Title Authors
Creative Confidence Tom Kelley, David Kelley
Difficult Conversations Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen
Dotcom Secrets Russell Brunson
Expert Secrets Russell Brunson
Great at Work Morten Hansen
Never Split the Difference Chris Voss and Tahl Raz
On Becoming a Leader Warren Bennis
The 1-Page Marketing Plan Allan Dib
The Culture Code Daniel Coyle
The Innovator’s Mindset George Couros
The Loyalist Team Linda Adams, Abby Curnow-Chavez, Audrey Epstein, Rebecca Teasdale, Jody Berger
The Mom Test Rob Fitzpatrick
The ONE Thing Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
Traffic Secrets Russell Brunson

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